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Today is Election Day!  A very important one at that, and I've been really excited to post this wedding, not to use this blog as a platform, but to shout from the roof tops that love is love, regardless of gender combinations, and love is great!  Love between people should be legally supported.  'Nuff said.

I was so incredibly elated to get an email from Sarah and Joanna, two guests from Robin + Joe's wedding.  They loved an image that I had taken of them cuttin' up the rug and were newly engaged.  I knew instantly what image they were talking about and even remember what I was thinking when I shot it!  

Long-winded Side Note Alert: Robin and Joe's wedding marked a pretty major turning point in my photography.  Up to that point I was floating along aimlessly in photo land, shooting whatever came my way and not really taking on personal projects - sounds a little depressing, it was!  I wasn't 100% about myself or my work and it showed.  Cue Robin + Joe, long time acquaintances with a special zest for the untraditional and they wanted me to shoot their small, classy, and untraditional Jewish wedding - um YES PLEASE.  To this day, it is one of the weddings I'm most proud of. I realized then what kind of clients I wanted and why people might want me as their photographer.  It was more than just marking off a check box on the To Do list of wedding planning, I wanted to work with couples who loved funny, touching, and real photos...because I am funny, sentimental, and real.  I wanted people who understood the value of a still photograph - a record of a moment that can never be recreated, and that my strength is being intuitive enough to know when those priceless moments are about to happen....waaait for it!!  SNAP

Moments when people let their guard down and they are honest in the way they are loving life or the person standing before them.  That was the moment I captured of Sarah and Joanna at Robin and Joe's wedding.  I remember it because of it's beauty in honesty, their beauty as women.  I was truly honored that they wanted me to document their wedding day, and knew in my heart that my photo work was only a portion of that decision, that it was me as a person they wanted, that we had made that connection. I thank them for that, because this is more than a job to me, it's life and living... I digress...  feeling a bit sentimental this wedding season now that I feel like I've found my stride with it all..  

ON TO THE IMAGES of the most wonderful and fun wedding!!  Things started normally enough - this or that was running late, nerves were setting in, there was a dog in a tutu...  you know, the usual.

Cassi Hayden, my lovely and talented second shooter, and I thought we were all clever scouting a perfect First Look spot on a brick lined sidewalk - the crisp and cool fall air adding a serenity to what is normally the bustling vibe of Dupont Circle, a perfect day for a Sunday wedding!  Maybe it was the dog in a tutu that threw me off or the inevitable time-crunch, but embarrassingly my short cut to the First Look spit Sarah and I out at an awaiting Joanna, right where the whole thing was supposed to go down!  A bunch of, "Oh no!"s and "Quick! Close your eyes!", led to some laughs which thankfully served as a blessing and let the two women have some comic relief from the nervousness and anticipation.

One thing we had discussed in our consultation was doing some fun portraits around Dupont, where The Whittemore House - their ceremony and reception venue, was located.  I loved the idea of showing who they were as individuals and who they were as a couple, and had plenty of time to think on that prior.  Both women have a great sense of humor and are really playful. Sarah is more of a literati while Joanna's reading tastes differed and she beelined it to her favorite book at the bookstore nearby.

Back at The Whittemore House, home to the Women's National Democratic Club - a wonderfully intimate and historic venue smack dab in the middle of DC, the ceremony began.  Sarah and Joanna's vows had Cassi and I stealing glances from one another, teary eyed, and we were not the only ones!  You could feel the love and support in the room, and it filled my heart to see two women who love and support each other now able to legally marry.

Despite it being a Sunday a raucous dance party ensued and some serious skills hit the dance floor.  A special shout out to the fabulous vendors listed below and of course to Sarah and Joanna!! 

Ceremony | Reception VenueThe Whittemore House - quite literally a one stop shop for intimate and classy DC events.

Catering - Corcoran Caterers - the most amazing fall fare I've ever seen and tasted at a wedding, Sue won't give up the recipe for the soup, I tried

DJ - Song For You Events - Kristina is one cool chic!!  Great taste in tunes!

Make up - Make Up Chic -Suz is the best!  She's worked with three of my ladies now and is fabulous!



Tracy Williams(non-registered)
I'm a friend of the couple that could not attend the wedding, but after reviewing the photos I feel like I did! Amazing! So much Love!
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