Piper Watson Photography | About
Piper Watson Photography was born out of a love for travel, but quickly turned into a love for people, infectious happiness, and the human spirit.

From documenting ice cream shops in Rwanda, to barefoot coastal California weddings. No matter the subject, one thing remains the same - my face hurts after a full day of shooting. Like, ice cream headache hurt. Whaaat?? Seriously, I couldn't figure out why until one of my assistant photographers said, "Do you realize you have the biggest smile on your face the entire time you're shooting?" Ha! That explains how and what I decide to shoot. I think I am a happiness hunter! I find myself stalking people and situations that are about to bubble over with joy, laughter, or authentic happiness - because, in the end, isn't that what you would rather remember? The shear elation in a moment? Uncontrived, completely candid, totally real...

This is my approach to photography, and my background as a documentarian having taught for National Geographic Photo Camp has engrained on my psyche to move quick, tread softly, smile broadly, and just go with it.

I've photographed for clients and non profit organizations all over the world, having been published for that work in O Magazine, Brussels Air Inflight Magazine, Daily Candy, Edible Brooklyn, The Today Show, and Delicate. My weddings have been featured on popular blogs like A Practical Wedding and the UK's Smashing the Glass.

A long standing member of ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers, I previously served as Vice President of the Baltimore Chapter, Program Coordinator for VisionWorkshops.org, Mentor for National Geographic Photo Camp, and my current project; Co-Founder of Station North Tool Library. 


Random facts...

I'm madly in love with my best friend
Proud native Texan
I love anything pickled
Dog person, all the way
I still get the urge to do the Hammer Dance when really excited
Favorite movie - The Goonies - I've even been to Bran+Mikey's house!
I rode a motorcycle 13000 miles across the US last summer
I have 22 pairs of boots in my closet (mostly of the cowboy persuasion)
I rode a bicycle 3000 miles across Eastern Europe once - chased uphill by a pack of boys in Romania - terrifying!
If I can get away with glitter 24/7 - by golly, I'm gonna
Serious inner turmoil of wanting to drive a big ass truck and not wanting to leave a big carbon footprint :( 
I have a dog named Super Dave who is 100% super hero!