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Brian + Katie

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Brian and I first met in the 90s - he was skinny with long thin brown hair and glasses, I was still in high school shedding baby fat with short bright red hair and in total denial that I needed glasses.  Please don't Facebook stalk us, sadly there is proof.  Anyhow, our circle of friends came together through a love of music, dancing, and humungous pants - yes, we were ravers - but our tribe was true and through the ages of shrinking pant legs, evolved musical tastes, and various other chapters in life, we all managed to remain connected.  However, through those years, never once did Brian call me up to say he'd met someone special...  that is, until Katie.  I honestly can't even remember what the phone call started as, but I recall sitting in my car at a parking meter in DC, after a really bizarre client meeting on some product photography that I wasn't too sure I could pull off when Brian's name popped up on my phone and I was all too happy to take a break from my own thoughts and talk to him.  To paraphrase, he told me he had been seeing this girl from the climbing gym that was pretty awesome and I'd really like her - and I instantly knew, done, sealed, sold - Brian had found the one.  Now before you sit back and say, "yeah right, she says that about all her guy friends that get married.." let me just recount some blatantly obvious facts about males and females.  

#1 - They met at the climbing gym.  I'm sorry, but if any of you have climbed before, women that do it, and belong to a gym to do it no less, are pretty much badass, don't mind getting dirty, are in good shape, can hang with the boys (literally,) and can have fun.  That's like most guys' dream girl.  AND, she turned out to be gorgeous - EXHIBIT A:

013-121021-PWA_9454 #2 Brian said that would really like her.  A girl has to be pretty rad for a guy to tell his female friends, "you would like her."  They know better than to assume they know our taste in lady friends!  But I guess that one was a no brainer considering how much we have in common.  Good one Brian, you were right :)

So I don't even know how much time passed from that phone call until the next one - Piper, we are getting married, will you shoot it?  YES!  Which I felt good saying because I hadn't yet met Katie and didn't know any of their mutual friends.  Sometimes it's really hard to shoot friends' weddings because the money thing is awkward and you end up working 10 times harder because they are your friends, and then you never really got to enjoy their wedding day with them because you were on the clock - but somehow in my gut I knew this wasn't going to be the situation.  And it wasn't!  Truthfully, I'm actually pretty shy with large groups of new people, so it was nice to be able to put on the Photographer Hat and get to know their friends and family that way.

And what wonderful friends and family!  I must say that every time, but it's so great to see a couple's dearest friends and family all in one place.  It's almost like you are getting a peek at their own personal histories...two timelines that came together.  Circa 1995, at a club in Newark, Delaware dancing with Brian, I would never have even imagined that he could have found someone so perfect for him at a climbing gym down the road more than 15 years later.  


002-121021-_PWA1181 003-121021-PWA_9040 004-121021-_PWA1157 005-121021-_PWA1159 006-121021-_PWA1240 007-121021-PWA_9042 Held at the newly renovated and incredibly gorgeous Buena Vista, a Delaware country estate, the beginning of the day had the normal hiccups - where are the flowers, where is the groom - just kidding.  The pace of the day was set by unbelievably perfect fall weather - blue skies, a warm breeze, and foliage that every fall bride dreams of and few are lucky enough to catch just on the right weekend.  

008-121021-_PWA1174 009-121021-PWA_9050 010-121021-_PWA1199 011-121021-PWA_9053 012-121021-_PWA1226 015-121021-_PWA1264 016-121021-_PWA1272 017-121021-PWA_9093 018-121021-_PWA1359 019-121021-_PWA1364 020-121021-_PWA1386 021-121021-_PWA1368 022-121021-_PWA1396 023-121021-_PWA1408 024-121021-_PWA1421 025-121021-_PWA1451 026-121021-_PWA1470 027-121021-_PWA1491 028-121021-_PWA1524 029-121021-_PWA1505 030-121021-_PWA1506 121021-PWA_9671-Edit

033-121021-PWA_9553 A fun and laid back reception, totally indicative of Katie and Brian's personalities, was highlighted by Ben & Jerry's inspired details, Pumpkin and Rocky Road flavors of ice cream (I'm sure there were other flavors but I lose it after someone says Rocky Road,) served by Woodside Farm Creamery, and phenomenal local BBQ from Eppy's .  Also a HUGE shout out to my girl Kendyl Severino of Cupcakes by Kendyl for some serious euphoria inducing cuppie cakes - that I actually snuck 4 of back to the hotel......shhhhhh.. one of which landed in Judy's lap on the car ride back.. whoops!!!  Note to self:  cupcakes on dashboards don't necessarily survive my post wedding driving skillz.


121021-_PWA1577-Edit 034-121021-PWA_9570 121021-PWA_9573-Edit 037-121021-PWA_9657 038-121021-PWA_9861 039-121021-PWA_9706 040-121021-PWA_9712 041-121021-PWA_9885 042-121021-_PWA1679 043-121021-_PWA1633 044-121021-_PWA1647 045-121021-PWA_0064 046-121021-PWA_0009 047-121021-_PWA1794 048-121021-_PWA1750 049-121021-_PWA1734 050-121021-_PWA1689 051-121021-_PWA1737 052-121021-_PWA1784 053-121021-_PWA1622 054-121021-_PWA1654 055-121021-PWA_9988

And of course, not to disappoint, music lovers like Brian and Katie for sure threw a good dance party, with all guests great and small cuttin' up a rug.  The biggest amount of love to you two - I absolutely cannot wait to see the adventures that life has in store for you, whether it be surviving another trip to Disney or racing through the jungles of Central America, I am so happy you found each other!  All my love....


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