Piper Watson Photography | FAQ

Frequently Asked...

Q: I like you! Would you shoot my wedding?

A: Sure! I'm able to photograph anywhere in the world as I currently live the nomadic #vanlifestyle!

Q: How much should I invest in wedding photography?

A: That depends on you.  List all of the big check-boxes of your wedding day in order of importance - venue, food, music, photography, accoutrements, et cetera.  Now consider how important each of those things are to you on a scale of 1-10 and budget accordingly.  There are great photographers to suit every client's budget, but the pricing reflects the dedication to the craft and professionalism. Wedding collections begin at $3000+, with most clients investing around $3500, but contact me for a full rate sheet and details. 

Q: How far should we book in advance?

A: As soon as you have a date! Typically, clients book me  8-12 months in advance, but check with me for availability either way, whether you are a planner or a last-minute person! 

Q: Are you insured?

A: It usually goes without saying that any photographer you are considering that totes around a giant, breakable, money bag (also known as a camera in this analogy) to a big party where people are imbibing whilst dancing erratically - is insured.  Accidents happen, I am covered, your venue is covered, you are in good hands!

Q: What happens if your camera breaks?  You become deathly ill or unable to shoot our wedding?

A: If my main camera breaks, I have back ups and so does my 2nd photographer.  If and only if I am hospitalized, have no fear!  All of my 2nd photographers have their own businesses and are quite capable of taking the lead (I fear they may be better than me sometimes!  :D) My network of wedding photographers are incredibly kind and helpful, a replacement of equal caliber is just a phone call away.  If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the resulting images should this awful scenario occur, I will make every effort to make it right by either renegotiating the balance due or wholesale pricing on prints, or both.

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