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Kudos from Clients

"When we were looking at photographers, we found that most of them were very traditional and their pictures all kind of looked the same.  Not bad, they just didn't have a lot of character.  We loved Piper's fresh perspective and that she seemed to capture the specialness of every wedding- they each looked different.  We took formal photos and they look great, but to be honest the less traditional ones are what is going into frames- they are amazing- when we followed Piper's lead the resulting shots are the special memories that really embody the day.
Piper was great not only on the big day- but supportive and helpful leading up to it.  We got tons of compliments from friends and family on how easy she was to work with, how fun she made pictures, and how she put everyone at ease.  Her assistant John was also awesome.  Between the two of them, we felt like we had two new friends documenting our journey into married life and it was just FUN." 
"My wife and I hired Piper as our wedding photographer. It was a wonderful decision. The quality of work, but more importantly, her eye for what was photo-worthy was impeccable. She was everywhere, but never in the way. I recommended Piper wholeheartedly and without reservation!" 
- Joe + Robin
"As a fellow professional photographer, I only wanted the best for my sister's wedding in 2009. Piper photographed the entire event with outstanding service and results. She has the empathy and passion to create images that truly represent the emotions present. I also hired Piper to photograph my own wedding in 2012, which is a huge honor in our industry. In addition, she has traveled the globe donating her time and effort to help those in need. Piper is an incredible photographer, and more importantly, a wonderful person."

- Kate + Aaron

"Piper is an outstanding photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has developed an immense talent for capturing story, highly creative perspectives and priceless moments in her beautiful images. I very much look forward to working with her again."


- Julie + Dane (Julie was a commercial client who's wedding I'll be shooting this Spring!)


A few clients have graciously volunteered to personally talk with prospective clients about their experience working with me - if that is something you would like I will happily share their preferred method of contact with you, please don't hesitate to ask!